Sheri Adel Shiver

It all started when…

Sheri graduated college and entered the corporate world. Seeing that it wasn't what she expected, she immediately sought after other options. She thought, 'the 9-5 lifestyle CAN'T be the only option!' After being called crazy, unrealistic, and told 'this is just the way it is' she discovered, through much research, that it IS possible to live on your own terms. Throughout her own ventures, Sheri came to the conclusion that the key things into building the life of freedom, is through the blending of lifestyle design, business, marketing, and personal finance.

Using her experiences from working as a wedding planner in NYC to marketing for companies like Canon, SAS was created.


SAS's mission is to guide aspiring and new entrepreneurs, like you, to realize your dreams and create your own freedom. Through the process of building a holistic foundation for your business, we are dedicated to helping you overcome the uncertainty of where to begin. It's time to freely and confidently turn your passion into a thriving business to have the lifestyle of your dreams.