How to Financially Prepare for Starting A Business

If you’re getting ready to start your business, it’s really important that you’re financially prepared ahead of time to give yourself the best possible shot at success.

Obviously each person’s situation is different and different business models require different start up costs BUT I have 3 tips that will help you regardless of your situation.

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How to Get Out of Your Socioeconomic Class

70% of people never leave the socioeconomic class they were born in.

The poor stay poor, the middle class stays middle class, and the rich stay rich.

As a society we’re infatuated with movies and stories where the underdog makes it. We see the montages of hard work and dedication until the hero makes it at the end. Naturally, we all want to be that hero in the story. But 70% of us never make it. Why?!

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How to Manage Risk with Rental Properties

If you’ve been following for a while now, you know that I bought a house in 2016 with the intent of eventually turning it into a rental property. I started off living there while renting out the basement so that my living expenses were reduced by more than half. As of about a month ago, I moved out and rented out the entire townhouse which covers the mortgage and I make a bit of income each month.

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