2 Steps to Stop Feeling Guilty About Spending Money

Feeling guilty about spending money is a burden many people face. If you find you’re overly frugal and feel guilty even when you shouldn’t, this post is for you.

Step 1: Find the source of your guilt

In general, feeling guilt is a feedback that you’re doing something that doesn’t align with your values. Think about it. When you eat bad food and feel guilty, it’s probably because you value being fit. When you spend money and feel guilty, it could be because you’re spending money on something you don’t truly value.

If you align with your values and still feel guilt when you spend money, try to think back to how your family discussed money. Were your parents frugal or did they talk about the scarcity of money frequently? If so, the source of your guilt might stem from your upbringing. You need to break free of this mindset and recognize that it is possible to live within your means and still spend money guilt-free. Keep in mind that saving all your money and never spending won’t serve you now, or in the long run.

Step 2: Take action

Make sure the money you spend is congruent with what you value. Every time you spend money, you’re making an investment, make sure that investment is something worthwhile to you. To learn more about this concept, check out my post on how to have a healthy spending mindset.

Practice gratitude when spending. When you spend money, think of all the ways your purchase is going to serve you. You’re essentially thinking about your return on investment. Once you think of all the ways your purchase will serve you, if it’s inline with your values, you’ll feel incredibly happy and grateful instead of guilty. This exercise will sometimes be super easy, like when you’re paying for a vacation you spent 6 months saving for. It’ll be a bit more challenging with things like paying the bills. Be sure to focus on the service you are receiving in exchange for you money. For example, when you pay your internet bill think about the access to knowledge you get from the internet. Or cat videos that make you laugh when you’re having a bad day.

I know it all sounds like my head is way, way, way up in the clouds, but I promise it works! Give it a try and leave a note in the comments below with how it works out!