An Introduction to Money and Mindset

We’ve all heard the phrase “money is the root of all evil”

…but is it true?

So many people were raised with strong negative feelings towards money; constantly being told by parents that money is evil or that wanting excessive amounts of money is wrong. Even if you weren’t, society has made money a very touchy subject. For example, we’re often strongly discouraged, sometimes even forbidden to discuss our salaries.

I believe a big part of getting your personal finances under control and in order is to first address your mindset around money and develop a positive relationship with money. The first step is to determine if your mindset around money positive or negative.

Here’s an easy way to evaluate your mindset, which of the following groups of thoughts do you have more often?

Group A
Money doesn’t grow on trees
Money is hard to come by
I never have enough money
Rich people are jerks/selfish/etc.

Group B
Money is easy to come by
I have plenty of money
Money gives me freedom
I look up to/aspire to be *insert wealthy person here*

If you’re in group A, you’re not alone. This is how most people think about money. But I can guarantee you  wealthy people don’t think or say any of the phrases in group A. It’s hard to imagine Warren Buffett walking around saying “ugh, money is so hard to come by!”

So, how do you change your mindset around money? The first step is to change your thought pattern. Understand that money is not the root of all evil, rather, it is the foundation of freedom. Whenever you catch yourself thinking or saying negative things about money, consciously change it to something positive. Eventually, those negative thoughts won’t happen anymore and you’ll start to notice a shift in your finances.