How To Make Wealth Creation a Priority

It’s probably pretty obvious that whatever you make a priority in your life, is what will grow and thrive.

If you spend all of your time, energy, and money into health and fitness then you’ll probably end up looking great, never getting sick, and feeling your best all the time. The same concept goes for wealth creation. A lot of people want wealth but don’t put any effort into achieving it.

In order to become wealthy you have to put in time, energy, and yes, even money. If you feel excited about working towards wealth then it’s probably already within your top 3 values. If you’re feeling dread, then that means that you don’t truly value wealth. The good news is, values are malleable, and you have complete control over shaping them.

To determine your values, I recommend Dr. John Demartini’s free values assessment. Read the instructions throughly and answer the questions  honestly. At the end of the assessment, you’ll find out your top 3 values. If wealth isn’t one of them I have a quick exercise to change that.

Pick at least one of your top 3 values and make a list of ways that having wealth would benefit that value. Let’s say your top value is traveling. List all the ways having wealth could improve your travels. List as many as you can and once you think you’ve listed everything, think of 10 more.  This exercise will allow you to organically shift your values and priorities.

Once you complete that exercise, it’s time to start investing. The first thing you need to invest in, is yourself. Buy some financial books, my top 4 introductory money books are here. Each of these 4 books will push you to advance in any profession or aspiration. All of the authors are (or were, for those no longer living) multi-millionaires, take advantage of being able to read their stories and adapt their principles. Next, look up people with the lifestyle you want and start following them, reading their blogs or books, and adapting their habits. The first step to anything new is to immerse yourself and learn as much as you can.

Happy learning!