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Achieving Infinite Prosperity

Personal finance and lifestyle design largely depends on income.

And by largely, I mean completely.

Most adults hate their job and don’t realize that there are options outside of sitting behind a desk until they die. When I graduated college, and starting working a regular 9-5 job I always felt that there should be more options, but was continuously told that this is the way things are and I should continue on paying my dues and climbing the corporate ladder. Refusing to do so, I began doing some research and was lucky enough to find…

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A Basic Breakdown of the Income Spectrum

A big part of designing your life is understanding the different types of income and deciding which is right for the lifestyle you want. I find it’s best to work backwards. Start with what your ideal lifestyle looks like. Next, determine what financial situation you need to live that type of life. Finally, decide what type of income you’ll need to make that happen.

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Buying A House at 24 + Making An Income From It

In May of 2016, at 24 years old I bought my first property while making a little less than $50K a year. Following the purchase of my house I was promptly congratulated by friends and family and you can bet my parents were bragging to whoever would listen. I had friends say “man, I really need to get my life together, you already have a house!” The purpose of buying my house was not to check a box on the long list of societal expectations.

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An Introduction to Lifestyle Design

About 2 years out of college I was 23 working at a job that I hated. I felt unfulfilled and I just knew there had to be a way out of the 9-5 rat race without waiting until 65 to retire. I can’t tell you how many adults… or should I say "adultier" adults… have told me I need to pay my dues or put in the time and be more patient. This absolutely infuriated me. Why do I need to spend any time at all being miserable in the hopes that one day in the distant future I might be happy? I didn’t want to spend my life working at a desk until I die.

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