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How to Manage Risk with Rental Properties

If you’ve been following for a while now, you know that I bought a house in 2016 with the intent of eventually turning it into a rental property. I started off living there while renting out the basement so that my living expenses were reduced by more than half. As of about a month ago, I moved out and rented out the entire townhouse which covers the mortgage and I make a bit of income each month.

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Buying A House at 24 + Making An Income From It

In May of 2016, at 24 years old I bought my first property while making a little less than $50K a year. Following the purchase of my house I was promptly congratulated by friends and family and you can bet my parents were bragging to whoever would listen. I had friends say “man, I really need to get my life together, you already have a house!” The purpose of buying my house was not to check a box on the long list of societal expectations.

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